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Mailexpert --------Mass-mailing expert
1:Mass-mailing like lightning, never into the rubbish bin, a intelligent platform is provided.
2:Html visible editor, mail formwork, body picture, background writing paper, hyperlink etc. are all supported, with fruitful content.
3:Sending web page with a click, and once URL is typed, it can be sent automatically.
4:With independent development of high-speed sending engine, never use a third party to send components
5:Intelligent Platform: In simple intelligent operating platform, once an error is occurred, the software can automatically corrected; All the configuration information, sending mails and receiving mails can be automatically saved too;Inbox and outbox can be imported and exported on a large scale, conveniently and fast.;
6:With attachment files moved function: If a single file or a few files is to be sent, it can be moved directly into the dialog box.
7:Auto-search function: When select a folder, the program will automatically search all your files, and send batches without any artificial intervention.
8:Auto-parsing function: Web pages contained the e-mail address, text and text format files can be parsed out.
9:According to your chosen folders, the program can automatically calculate the size of each sent and save configuration, and the mailbox password can be saved with encrypt.
10:Customized SMTP serve: if you are not familiar with this, please modify it carefully.
11:With automatically shutdown after sending function, it can show every step of the information of sending and the attachment file names.
12:E-mail address be automatically parsed in web page function: you just need to give links contained e-mail and the software can parse out the e-mail in the page automatically.
13:Smtp authentication and SSL encryption of e-mail links, such as Gmail are supported.
14:Reminder: SMTP service must be provided by outbox, otherwise, mails can not be sent; for example, some mails must open SMTP service manually.
15:Reminder: The attachment size can not exceed the size of the provisions of service providers, such as the attachment maximum of Netease-mail, Gmail, is 10M.
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